Winner & Losers – MFC Awards

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We call them the “Bammy’s”

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They’re a bit like the Grammy’s but with more “bish”, “bash”, “bosh”!

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Nominate an organisation you love – or hate

In conjunction with our colleagues at Share Radio, the UK national radio station dedicated to money and investment issues, we’d sizing up the organisations, financial institutions and retailers who are either champions of all that is fair and just when it comes to helping people with their dosh, or are doing the dirty when it comes to being open and reasonable with our cash.
Each week on our Share Radio programme – catch us at 11am every Tuesday, or catch up with our podcasts – we award either:


Golden Gloves

        – for being better than all the rest


        Or our

Sucker Punch

        – for those institutions delivering low blows
        We comes across loads of examples, but we also know that for every one we uncover there are plenty more that go unnoticed – both the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Which is where you come in…
Who would you suggest we applaud, or take a pop at? Send us your suggestions.
You can make as many nominations as you want. To check if we concur with your choice – the referee’s decision is final – check out our Share Radio show.

How to nominate

Just use the form below or email using “Bammy’s” as your Subject line.
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