Shop around for petrol

Wholesale petrol prices have fallen $30 a barrel since last month. The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, cut fuel duty by 5p a litre on March 23 and a result VAT fell 1p per litre. But prices have stayed stubbornly high at most filling stations.

We need to find out which stations are playing fair and reducing their prices and use them.

The Competition and Markets Authority is trying to help by increasing competition. Since Morrisons was taken over last year by private equity some 1,200 petrol stations have been under the same ownership and are less likely to compete on prices. The CMA is requiring the disposal of some sites to increase competition.

Keep an eye out for cheaper petrol and tell motorists you know when you find it. Don’t wait until you have no fuel left and no choice where you fill up. Stop the profiteers.

We need to fight back. Motoring organisations estimate that we are being ripped to the tune of £30m a day while the price of petrol and diesel stays at the current high prices.