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The Money Fight Club book has everything you need to start fighting and dodging the bad guys!
From the moment you open Money Fight Club you will begin training for a fitter financial future. Your attitude to money and how you spend it will change forever. You’ll change the way you think about banks, building societies, insurance company, energy companies and supermarkets forever.

You’ll develop a fighter’s instinct for the dubious deals.

Money Fight Club has the power to save you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds a year on your personal and household bills. It will also put you on your guard against paying too much for life’s essentials and buying things you don’t need, or which aren’t the bargains you thought they were. ‘Money Fight Club’ gives you the moves to fight back and look after your money.

The areas of training covered include:
– How we got suckered into behaving the way we do with money
– Why supermarkets are a war zone
– Deal with utility companies
– Getting on top of rent, mortgages and property costs
– Smashing travel costs and the ticket nightmare
– Saving for YOUR future – not a cosy retirement for the financial sector!

What readers have to say

It describes how to take on banks, supermarkets, insurance companies and the like with nice
step-by-step, concise sections written in easily digestible English.

CW, Amazon

This book captures the need to change both your approach and attitude to money and spending / saving. It sharpens you up to the scams and also offers simple tips to save.

SH, Amazon

This book is a wake-up call on all fronts – lots of practical suggestions and lots of outrage. There are things here that I sort of knew but needed to be reminded of, and things that I suspected but have never bothered to find out.

MT, Amazon

While this book has exceptionally valuable information about how to beat scams and deal with rip-offs, perhaps where it is most important is its incredibly practical, straightforward information on how to manage your own money.

NK, Amazon

Practical advice, clearly presented – I thought I was pretty savvy but I‘ve learned a whole bagful of new tricks from this.

M, Amazon

This book gets results.

S, Amazon