About Money Fight Club

Money Fight Club is a whole new way of thinking about (and protecting) your finances. It all started with a book. Unlike other books about personal finance and money management it doesn’t assume you’re doing anything wrong.
It has since grown to include a range of free online resources available on this website, regular emails full of useful information and top tips and a range of training, presentations and workshops.
Money Fight Club develops from the point at which we all made the mistake of assuming that organisations such as energy companies, banks and supermarkets wanted us to have great prices and good deals.
After years of letting them pull the wool over our eyes we finally decided to fight back.

The book not only shows you how to do this but transforms your thinking about money so that you don’t get conned again.

Armed with the weapons in the book you can make the most of the free resources for you to download, here, online. Plus, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest scams and outrageous cons from a whole host of financial institutions and well known businesses that should behave better.

The founders

Both Anne Caborn and Lindsay Cook have a black belt in money management and have floored more than one financial institution fighting for their own and other peoples’ financial rights.

Lindsay bought her first home when she was just 22; having worked out it was cheaper than paying rent and has not looked back since. In the 90s she became the first woman Business Editor of The Times and went on to become Group Managing Editor of Express Newspapers. She also wrote the original “Money Diet” book in 1986.
Anne is a journalist and digital entrepreneur and in the 1980s she compiled the first British Rich List for Money magazine. This developed her lifelong fascination with the psychology of money and what divides those who are good with it from those who are not.

They believe it’s not enough to defend what you’ve got – you’ve got to go on the attack to combat poor deals and downright dishonesty, where world famous companies put their profits far above your best financial interests.