Why we’re publishing on January 20, 2014

January 20 is Black Monday – the most depressing day of the year. This year it is probably gloomier than ever but we aim to change that.
S0, even though…

  • the Christmas bills have come home to roost
  • gas and electricity costs have gone up and inflation is staying stubbornly higher than pay rises
  • in fact family income is estimated to be £1,200 a year lower than it was five years ago,
  • help is at hand.

Money Fight Club will help you to get your finances fit, to see off the bullies that rip you off and to make you into a money club fighter.
While we can’t make the days longer or the weather warmer we can equip you to get the best deals from the energy companies. Millions of customers are still paying the much more expensive standard tariffs.
You can cut your bills further by reducing waste. Every light that is turned off in an empty room is getting one back at the energy fat cats, who put prices up quickly as soon as the weather got cold and have not yet reduced them by an average of £50 a year to take the Government green concessions into account. It is the height of the overdraft season as it is a long time since you have been paid.

Why January 20 is so black

You were paid early in December and January is a five week month. Some of may even be considering payday loans that charge thousands of per cent in interest. Don’t. Nothing is that bad.
Money Fight Club will help you to balance your debts, buy time and to get yourself in financial shape during in 2014.
You can start in the supermarket with that first January shop. First of all learn that supermarkets are not on your side. One family who avoided supermarkets for the whole of 2013 found they saved £900 using smaller shops and markets.
The supermarkets want you to spend more than you need by using three for two offers which increase their profits and keep shareholders happy. They pile the products they want you to buy at the end of the aisles at eye height. Start to look low in the aisles and you will save money.
Start to recognise the patterns (what’s promoted when) and you will not pay full price again.


Tax returns have to be completed by the end of the month and there is an automatic £100 fine if you do not fill in the online form in time even if you do not owe any tax. If you do owe tax interest may begin to accrue.


Travel costs increased at the beginning of January but there is still time to save money on your commute or holiday travel with Money Fight Club in your corner. Set aside a few hours to read the book and to start getting your finances in order.
As the weeks go by we’ll have more tips for you.
There will be instant rewards and by next January you will be celebrating White Monday.