Don’t get burned by too high energy bills – move!

Figures out today show that more than 600,000 households changed electricity supplier in November 2013.
The figure fell back to 390,000 in December, which is not surprising. The time it takes to change energy supplier (electric or gas) supplier is still stuck stubbornly at a lamentable three weeks despite a commitment from the Government that customers should be able to change in 24 hours.

  • If your energy bills are too high during this relatively mild winter, changing company may help.
  • But first and foremost you need to make sure you are on the best tariff.

Too many people are still on their supplier’s company’s highest tariff because they have never asked to change. They are most likely to be the elderly, the poor, those without access to a computer.
First of all check what tariff you are on and if you can save money by moving with the same supplier. If you are already on your company’s best tariff it is time to check what is the best rate is elsewhere in the market. In particularly ask for and seek out fixed price deals.
The moving process is still fiendishly complicated even though there are now fewer tariffs, thanks to Ofcom’s intervention. Do the research using an online comparison site such as or
If you do change companies and normally pay your energy bills by direct debit make sure that you get any overpayment back from your current supplier and that the new one does not demand excessive monthly payments.