Insurance quotes – making a crisis out of a crisis

It was an insurance company that coined the slogan ” We won’t make a drama out of a crisis”, and now the insurance companies seem determined to make the most out of a crisis.
Everyone knows that several thousand homes were flooded over Christmas and the New Year period and that in the end it will be us, as household insurance customers, who will end up paying the bill.
Just how quick the insurers have got round to making us pay has amazed even us.
One money fighter who last week queried why her household insurance had increased from £274 to £322 was told it was because of the floods.
She was puzzled as she lives at the top of a hill, more than 200 miles from the nearest floods and has made no claims in 30 years of insurance with the company.
She put her boxing gloves on and rang back and was then told it was not only the floods but also because the company had changed its post code pricing.
This time she was told that as she never made a claim she could save £19 a year by increasing the excess on the policy to £300. The new policy is £303. Better but not good enough for a Money Fight Club member. Check out the competition early so you have time to switch before your renewal date and argue for the better offers ostensibly targeted  at new customers.