Don’t get burned by travel & home insurance rules

If you have your bag or wallet stolen while in this country or abroad you may lose out if you have not kept the cash machine or bank counter receipt from when you withdrew the money.

Insurers are increasingly asking for proof from policyholders that they had the cash they say has been stolen and are refusing to pay out if you do not have the proof.
If the money is snatched soon after you leave the bank or machine there should be no dispute but to be absolutely sure you may also need to keep all the receipts for drinks, sandwiches, small cash purchases, plus bus tickets etc to show how much of the cash you had spent.
Unless you are paying for each withdrawal it may be worth withdrawing little and often so that if the worst happens when you are out and about then the loss is small.
It’s also good to have photographs and receipts for other items you take on holiday such as hair straighteners, ipads, watches, headphones, cameras and special items of clothing. The more evidence you have the more likely you are to get a full pay out.

Our top tip

Why not keep all purchase receipts for small but expensive items in a small wallet in the same location as your passport and travel insurance details when you store them at home? It makes them easy to locate if you need to make a claim, or if an item develops a fault and you need to deal with the retailer.