The money diet challenge

breadandwaterWe’ve been talking a lot recently about how easy it is to confuse a “want” with a “need”. The fact is we need very little – food, water, somewhere to shelter and rest. Everything else is a want (yes, even new shoes and fast cars).
Christmas spending is just around the corner (Black Friday, identified as a pre-festive spending peak, will take place on November 27 this year), so how can we get fighting fit and avoid wasting money on purchases that don’t really bring us any real, lasting benefit (or joy)?

Welcome to the money diet challenge

The aim is to drop lbs and saves £s and reacquaint our brains with the concept of need in a very positive way.
Take a look in your food cupboards and fridge and over the next few weeks avoid replacing any foodstuffs that could reasonably be regarded as “wants” not “needs”.
For example, you need water to survive but not fruit juice… or beer… or chilled Chablis.
Likewise, a packet of chicken breasts and some basic vegetables can be categorised as needed to feed yourself, or your family. A cook-chill chicken casserole in red wine, less so.
We believe you’ll feel the benefit of this approach in your wallet and your waistline. Both are useful at this time of year.

Tell us how you get on.