Why you need Money Fight Club

Whether it’s dubious supermarket deals or failing banks, the modern high street is full of financial bullies who grab our cash and give us poor deals in return. If anything, the 21st century presents us with an even greater likelihood of getting financially beaten up.
And while we may have our guard up against obvious cons – such as emails from deposed potentates offering us huge sums in exchange for temporary use of our bank accounts – we assume well-known brands and high street names operate very differently.
Forget that!

  • Every single organisation with something to sell is after our hard-earned cash.
  • An increasing number go to dubious lengths to get their hands on that cash.

It’s not enough to defend yourself against their tricks and bullying tactics. You have to fight back. This book shows you how to avoid the scams and how to come out fighting if you don’t get what you want.

  • Bish! – spot and avoid the scams.
  • Bash! – save money and negotiate better deals.
  • Bosh! – win compensation or get your money back.

Money Fight Club is designed to change the way you think about (and use) money for ever, and if you follow their combination of insights, advice, defensive manoeuvres and attack tactics, you’ll not only survive but win.
So, what are you waiting for? Release the financial fighter within yourself.  Welcome to Money Fight Club!